I-DJ is a free label all DJ´s are welcome to Join


I-DJ prompts only members


Every month One DJ will be voted out to get promoted on our site
Facebook and clubs


I-DJ does Not take responsibility for what sounds our members

samples - mix - creates


If you have not updated your Souncloud, Mixcloud or YouTube with music or weird sound in 3 month
I-DJ will delete your I-DJ account
because we do not waste the time to promote a DJ that does not have a sound


Don´t to forget to update your I-DJ profile
with all the all information we require and profile picture

so we can promote you and create a awesome page


If you have finally JOINed our network and you get gigs through I-DJ that means that we represent you
You represent us by advertising I-DJ at the event
to obtain tickets to the event so I-DJ can join and support


All your information will be saved until you decide to delete your account


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Dén Ene

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